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Dr. Ahmed Hussein

Dr. Ahmed Hussein grew up on the East Coast in Long Island, NY. During his undergraduate studies, he majored in Psychology and Biomedical Sciences at the University at Buffalo where he graduated with honors.  He stayed in Buffalo and continued his studies to obtain his Doctor of Dental Surgery degree also graduating with honors. While completing his DDS degree he spent a lot of time in the pediatric dental clinic where his dedication and passion for children did not go unnoticed. He was awarded the "James Collar Memorial Award " for his commitment to the oral healthcare of children, and

was highly encouraged to pursue and specialize in

pediatrics at the "Women's and Children's Hospital of Buffalo". It is there we he advanced his training in Pediatrics as Chief Resident.


Dr. Hussein was inducted into multiple honor societies such as; Phi Beta Kappa, PSI CHI, Sigma Alpha Pi and given the Golden key in recognition of his scholastic achievement and leadership, graduating within the top 10%. After residency training he practiced in the Hudson Valley of New York State for five years. Dr. Hussein eventually moved to Clovis, CA to fulfill his dreams of living on the west coast and to pursue his passion for pediatric dentistry.


He enjoys dining out, traveling, reading, spending time with loved ones, playing guitar, singing, working out, and cooking.


Dr. Hussein says "Every single child is special and amazing in their own way. If you treat every child the same then you limit their ability to shine. When you limit their ability to shine then you have limited your ability to shine”--

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